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Renu tried to tell Neela everything about Khalid he knows or heard about him through rumors.

Did you see the tattoo on his arm?
Yes, why is that so important?
Some of us beings have such tattoos their give us the skills exceptional abilities. His tattoo symbolizes a life circle, he can breathe life into lifeless things, most he use his ability on dolls. He gives them the look of humans so that they are no longer recognized as dolls.
Khalid suddenly disappeared, he have been looking for a quiet place where he had settled with the dolls but rumors said he came back, I did not think these rumors were true and I can only guess, it is because of Celina. Khalid's weak point is his dolls, he is obsessed with them, he style them, buys them all kinds of clothes and I just wanted to know which side he stand..
That’s why you threatened him? 
It is easy to affect him even he seems cold and tries to ignore me, he knows, I don’t say only words.
Is Celina safe from him?
at the moment I don’t know, It will show up.

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