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Khalid Renu's voice had been heard from the back yard when he came into the house and saw the uninvited guest. He immediately grabbed Neela’s arm and pulled her to the side. You should not let everyone into our house, but now their are in you can prepare a meal. I think our guests will want to stay a bit.
You know my name, Renu.
Khalid took place at the dining table while his girls stand behind him.
Your rumors going around.
It seems yours too, at least you’re the only one who draws human into our world.
but still better than having two lifeless
puppets around me.
to go to the point, I heard you have a pureblood child here and I see
He looked around the room and saw all the toys
that’s not just a rumor by all the toys.
at that moment,
Floria crawled in the dining area, she was curious and Renu picked her up probably you should call it a pure blooded flower child.
Khalid stood up and walked over to Renu, his eyes looked at him seriously, his Girls following him.
Neela, you do not need to cook much, our guests want to go now.
Renu be carefu
l, I know, you hiding something and I'll find out.
there is the door Khalid, take care of your pretty puppets, not that one of them get a scratch a
nd crumble to dust.

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