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He tried to cool off in the water and soothe his sunburn, while he finds a conch. Even if the fish didn’t tasted, it helped him very good throughout the day. 

(he looks like a mixed berry sweets sim with the sunburn XD)

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I just can’t XDD
What more can happen to him now?

He tried to catch another fish but was unsuccessful and had only this one fish. The sun was shining and he began to sweat so he took off his jacket. Looked again to the horizon whether he could see rain clouds and made a bonfire to roast the fish. He was glad, bread and fish at least something different. He had never eaten fish before.
The fish was ready and he took a big bite bah~”
(his face XD) he had to spit out the piece. "this taste so disgusting.
He took a bite and tried to chewed it and tried to eat the fish in small pieces.

The new day started very early, the sun was not even on the horizon but for Yuki, it was very strange to sleep in a tent and then this unpleasant noise. He looked sleepy around and the only thing he saw was water. He looked into his pocket, he had some bread but soon it wouldn’t be enough, then he got the idea.
He searched for a long thin branch and bound his laces together to a cord, tied one end to the end the branch and the other end a piece of bread. He had now an fishing pole and hoped to catch something.
It took a while, his stomach was beginning to growl and he was already to give up hope when his fishing pole started to pull and he caught a small fish. It was really small but for Yuki it was successful.

Yuki had a restless night, something was out there. But he was sure to be alone on the island. He had searched the island and saw no one. Does he do dream? maybe it’s just his fear feeling and he imagine those noises. He dared not look, maybe it would go away if he would keep quiet. It was just quiet and he was relieved but after a few minutes it crept around his tent. Yuki made ​​from the inside noises too. Suddenly he heard a sound as if he has scared it and no matter what was outside, it disappeared. he took a deep breath, thought he couldn’t fall asleep but his body prove him wrong.

Red Panda by crazycolorfulcats

Yuki used the things he don’t needed for a small fire but he don’t have much luck, as he was about to make his marshmallows on the fire, he feels the first drops of rain on his skin. Actually, he was really hungry but the rain got heavier. Rather than eating wet marshmallows, he decided, to turn out the fire and to eat bread, he had in his pocket (now I’m glad I didn’t sell it XD), it wasn’t really tasty. he went into his tent, not to get sick.

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he might have watched how the mascot just leave the island but he was so busy with the bucket of useless things, the things just brought back some memories of his university life. he had at least some things to make a small fire. And he found a newspaper on the floor. the latest news of the day wasn’t interested but the newspaper was as well a good thing to make fire.