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Anonym asked : what is your 5 favorite pieces of custom content? (can be hair, clothes, anything) thanks for answering~

Oh my this is really a hard question to answer. Don’t mind when I just mentioned 5 CC Creators which Sort of CC I like the most or I have constantly in my Game and never take them out of my Game. ;)

Hairs by kijiko
Clothes by 77
Skintones by Ephemera
Poses by chiakihoung
Lots by my dear Melanie

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Chapter 5.1: The Stranger

2 months had passed since Yuki hang out the letter but no one called him orcame by. He was sure no one would be interested in Lux so he kept him with him.
He always went with him to the beach, Lux could run there, play with the water or Yuki could throw sticks. The beach near him was mostly empty because of not being a bathing and releaxing place. and sometimes their went to the park. There Lux could sniffed, play with the fish in the pond. He also came in contact with other people. One evening Fuyuki was with him in the park. He watched him while Lux was playing when a woman walked past and observed Lux but Lux was not interested in her. He sniffed at the plant.

Is that your dog?” suddenly Yuki heard a male voice asking next to him. He looked at the stranger who was leaning on the bench, he was tall and had blonde short hair, "Yes." he answered the question and looked back at Lux, who was still busy with the plants.
"He is a special dog.”
Yuki needed a few seconds to notice was the stranger told him and was watching Lux as he looked back at the stranger to give him a answer, he was no longer there. He looked behind him but there were only trees but somehow he felt someone observed him. Concerned, he looked at Lux also to make sure that he was still there.
"Come Lux, we go home.” he called him, stood up and walked a few steps to the direction of the park exit. As Lux came to him, he ran pass him to the bench and growled. He seemed to sniffle the man’s smell but Yuki was not sure. Lux! There is nothing. he called him. As Lux did not listen to him Yuki was a bit louder "Lux come here!" then he followed him.

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I’m so uncreative to find a name for him but I think I will keep him like this :3

I’m so uncreative to find a name for him but I think I will keep him like this :3

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well Lux do not like what he have to see XD

well Lux do not like what he have to see XD

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new guy :3

new guy :3

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Chapter 4.2: Can I keep you?

A few days later, Yuki had his day off and sat down at the dinner table to  write on something. He wanted to make sure that Lux was not missing. As much as he wanted to keep him but he couldn’t imagine that Lux wasn’t missing, maybe a child was missing him, whose parents do not wanted him. Even if his thought was tighten his chest and he already loved Lux with all his heart, at least he wanted to be sure.

Somehow Lux noticed that something was wrong with Yuki but ​​he played with his new toys. Yuki had bought after work some things for him. a bowl, a place to sleep and some toys to play so he doesn’t feel boring while he is at work.

Yuki was finished, got up and went to Lux "Look, we'll hang it everywhere and then we’ll see whether you will not be missing. Lux did not like this, jumped up, grabbed the papers and ran away with it. hey!” Yuki ran after him until he caught him I want to keep you but we should at least try.” he leaned over him and stroked his fur. Lux enjoyed it. 

Chapter 4.1: Can I keep you?

Yuki took the dog home and was thinking on the way again and again what the reason was he was suspended. He seemed to be very tame and obedient. The rain didn’t stopped and both came wet at home. he decided to bathe the dog but since the dog showed more interest in Yuki’s house, he has to battle him. Everything was so new and there was a lot to discover for the little one.
"wait.” Yuki grabbed him before he could run away. he struggled with barking but instead to bite, he licked yuki's face, he laughter and had to let him go.
You can’t make sympathy points, you have to go to the bathtub or you stinkI’ll call you stinker.”
he shook his head and Yuki had the feeling he was understood. The dog jumped into his arms and let him bathe.

"but you still need a name. the little dog barked and looked at him questioningly while yuki bathed him. about Bello.” he shook and splashed the whole water in Yuki’s face. okay. stop to shake.” he could not restrain himself and laughed. I might try it again but do not shake again. hmm..Hasso?”
the dog barked loud like he would protest and Yuki held his ears. okay, you’re really a small troublemaker.”
"I will simply call you Lux and do not resist.”
Lux just looked at him and barked at him for a moment, then he tried to lick his face. "then you are satisfied with your names, Lux

After bathing, Yuki went to sleep, as he had no proper place to sleep for Lux, he let him lying on the bed.